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Is life as glamorous as it seems on Instagram? Do bloggers cheat when they show you their perfect lives? Why do people pretend to be someone they are not?

why do people pretend to be someone they are not why-do-people-pretend-to-be-someone-there-are-not coffee-in-parisian-style

A great deal is currently being said that people often cheat on the internet. They create their image. For example – the skinny girl… or a well-built guy staying in the best hotels and driving the best new car. But sometimes it’s all fake. People pretend to be happy, when in fact they are on the edge of depression. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Did you ever wonder why people pretend to be someone else in front of the others and what’s even worse why they are not honest with themselves? It is hard to say if it’s about the complexes, low self-esteem… What do you think?

pretending-to-be-someone-else to-pretend-to-be-someone-else

Okay, but how is it like when it comes to me? I show you cute things on my blog, fb or insta. They really exist in my reality. Sometimes you just have to show things from the good angle.

When me and Cyryl were decorating our apartment, we tried to make it as photogenic as possible…. Sounds silly? Well, I’m really satisfied with the way it looks, because it makes my job so much easier. :) White and grey are always classy and always look good on the pictures. :) Instapartment? Done! ;) When we need an indoor photo shoot, we don’t need to ask our friends for help or to use hotel interiors. :)


When I post a photo of the outfit in front of the mirror on Instagram, I do it in the way so you don’t see a clotheshorse next to me. ;) I don’t show you some unrealistic, non-existing world. I just don’t show you the unattractive aspects of my real life. I don’t borrow an expensive bag from a friend pretending it’s mine. I don’t check-in on facebook in the fancy hotel, while actually sleeping in a lodging.

I don’t take selfies, simply because I don’t look good on it. I prefer to take a picture of a half or a whole figure. Is this cheating? I believe it is just an ability to highlight your strengths and hide flaws. I don’t have a perfect figure so I don’t post thousands of bikini photos… Simple as that! :) Of course there are people who would do everything to post the perfect image of themselves. But what’s the point?

why-do-people-pretend-to-be-someone-there-are-not khaki-coat-outfitlace-up-shoes-outfit

Of course when I work on the pictures, I use the graphic editor, but it’s more about enhancing – for example colors, not modifications. I would obviously remove a pimple from my forehead, but I’m not changing my figure to look like Kim Kardashian or some other top celebrity… ;) Why should I deceive you… and why should I deceive myself? Why should I present the perfect image of myself? One day you might meet me on the street and if you only knew my perfect pictures, you wouldn’t even recognize me… :) or even worse you would recognize me and be totally shocked! However, if you meet me one day without make up with my natural wavy hair, you might in fact be surprised… :) Oops!

bucket-bag-street-fashion lace-up-shoes-street-style-outfit

When I’m having a photo shoot for my blog, I do my make up a little longer. Just as you do, when you are going to a party or when you know that someone will take a picture of you (e.g. on a family meeting or party with friends). You probably won’t post on facebook your pictures after a 5 km run… ;) I wonder what do you think about insta and generally internet “perfect life” creations? Do you know anyone who fakes having a perfect life on social media?

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Reply Jarek z rzymskiezakupy.pl October 28, 2016 at 10:12 am

Masz piękny uśmiech, nie możesz przestawać się uśmiechać. W życiu najważniejsze jest aby być sobą. Do tego co widzimy na na instagramie, czy blogach należy podchodzić z dużą rezerwą. Tworzenie sztucznego wizerunku – to dzisiaj standard. Ale żyjemy w takich czasach, że to się niestety sprzedaje.