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Today’s post is all about the time… On my and Cammy’s wrists you can see beautiful Elixa watches. And since we are talking about time and watches, we can think of something more. What can we do to have more time… or use it a little better. ;)

Do you know this quote of Iris Apfel: “I’m old, I don’t have much time left, so I don’t waste it. I do only things I find interesting, and this is my advice for all young people too.” This sentence, said by this colorful 94 year old woman, really speaks to me. Unfortunately, you can’t do only cool stuff all the time but maybe you can for 80% of your time? :D Start trying out this method on weekends!

how to stop wasting your time how-to-stop-wasting-your-time how-to-stop-wasting-your-time how-to-stop-wasting-time

Today everything happens so fast and at the same time most people are so busy they have no time to take a breath. Watching the people I meet, I can’t get rid of an impression that most of them don’t make a good use of time. A day always lasts 24 hours. It is the same for us all – for me, for you, for Anja Rubik and Cara Delevingne (as you know those two really manage to do plenty of things at the same time).

So the question is: How can I stop wasting my time?

1. Plan your day. Select the most important tasks and those that can wait… Make sure that there are as little as possible in the second category.

2. Divide all your tasks in four categories:
a. important and at the same time pleasant things to do;
b. important but not very interesting things to do;
c. unnecessary things that are really pleasant;
d. unnecessary things that bring you no joy at all.
Cross out everything in the category number four and start with the category number two as soon as possible. ;)

ways-to-develop-routine-to-stop-wasting-time ways-to-develop-routine-to-stop-wasting-time ways-to-develop-routine-to-stop-wasting-time strategies-to-stop-wasting-time-and-get-things-done

3. What if your work is not your passion… Well, you still have to make a living out of something. ;) Remember that this is only the way to achieving your goals, it allows you pay the bills – so try to avoid overtime!

4. Relaxation… Isn’t it nice to lay on the couch, watch some nice movie or sit on the sandy beach or green meadow? Of course it is. Keep in mind that finding time to rest is also important, but be reasonable about it. It is the same with diets and not eating sweets… ;)

5. From time to time do something that makes you feel fulfilled. For each of us it may be something completely different. Work out on the gym. Knit gloves. Renovate an old cupboard. Learn to play a guitar. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is finishing it. It is less about doing and more about actually having it done. Only then it makes you feel proud.

6. Make your life a mixture of all the above. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and 99% of people can not survive without a work. ;) But remember if work is not your passion it shouldn’t dominate your whole life. Make time for other activities and meeting with your friends and family. And of course make some time to take care of yourself.

7. If you spent too much time on reading gossips about celebrities or on social media, try doing it twice a day tops. For example, on your way to work or school and on your way home.

strategies-to-stop-wasting-time-and-get-things-done strategies-to-stop-wasting-time-and-get-things-done time-management time-management

8. Remember about sleep. It is really important to sleep well. If you sleep too little, the only thing on your mind during a daytime is having a nap… ;) You can’t make most of a day if you are sleepy.

Time is tricky. Sometimes when we have plenty things to do, time is passing so quickly and sometimes time seems to move so slow… I have an impression that when you are on vacations it passes so fast and when you are sick and have to stay in bed every minute seems to last for ages… So unfair! But there is one good thing, though. If time flies fast, it is usually time well spent. :)

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