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Each of us wants to be perfect and successful in everything we do in our life. We want to be great at work, take care of the family and find time for our passions. But is it possible? Can we really have it all?

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1. How to balance your professional and private life?

For most people balancing your work and personal life it pretty challenging… In today’s post today I’ll try to make it a little bit easier.


2. Work and life balance.

Today many people talk about a work and life balance. There are plenty of training courses, articles and columns about it. Let’s make it clear, for most of us work is substantial and integral part of our lives. We need work to make a living and work is a very important and necessary part of our life. To live, to pursue your passions we need to work. Your work can be nice, it can be even your hobby or passion. But for most it is just a source of income and (more or less) unpleasant duty.

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3. Why should we talk about it?

Talking about work and life balance has become very popular lately. And there are reasons for that. First of all employers themselves noticed that the lack of the balance between private and professional life leads to less productive employees. Work-life balance increases creativity of employers and at the same time they are more willing to take on new challenges. There also a lot of therapists and psychologists talking about the problem. No work-life balance leads to neurosis, family and relationships problems. Working too much can be deadly for the employees and their families.


4. Prioritise!

Prioritising is the first step to finding balance between your professional and private life. Do you prefer to be the head of the company or a perfect housewife? You need to figure out what’s most important in your life. If you are completely focused on work, you don’t have much time left for your passions or family. You can’t be an employee of the month and have an apartment that would pass a white glove test and go to the gym every day. If you want to achieve a spectacular success in one part of your life, you need to focus on that, and do the rest on a “regular” level.

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5. Job as a means to an end.

For most of us working is just the way of earning money for different purposes: buying a flat, supporting your family or paying for the vacation of your dreams. If that is the case try to be proportionate when it comes to your work and private life.

Remember: we work to live not live to work!

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6. Don’t work at home.

You can’t separate your private and professional life completely. Sometimes when you are at home watching TV, you might be thinking about an important contract that needs to be prepared the next day. Just as you might answer your phone, when your daughter calls to tell you about a grade she got, even when you discuss an important project with your co-workers. Remember: you have a right to take care of your personal stuff for some of your time you spend at work, and every employer should respect that. But it works both ways. Your family needs to understand that from time to time you have to stay longer at work to finish something important. Complete separation of your professional and personal life would bring you nothing but frustration. Just make sure that the exception doesn’t turn into the rule.

7. More effective time management!

Living in harmony is the art of compromise. Time is not extensible and we can’t buy it either. So try to use to the fullest all seemingly insignificant moments. For example a breakfast is the perfect opportunity to bond. Having breakfast together with your family is the time to talk, share the meal not to read a paper or watch TV. You can really use this time to bond with your loved ones. Try it! I’m sure you won’t regret.

Effective time management is also very helpful when it comes to maintaining the work-life balance. Don’t be afraid to use a calendar, yellow sticky notes, notebook or anything else you find useful to plan. When you think of the things to do, remember about something I wrote above – prioritising. How many times did you start polishing your shoes when you had a really important project to do for your work or studies…?


8. Respect the others.

I believe that the key to the work-life balance is respect. You should respect the needs of your co-workers and employers same as they should respect you and your needs. You have a common goal after all. On the other hand you need to talk to your loved ones, your partner, children. They need to know that you do what you do also for them – to meet your common needs. On the other hand remember that working is just a means to an end. Listen and respect feelings of your loved ones. Always keep your word. Live in harmony. And remember: moderation is a virtue!


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