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What’s the best place to organize a wedding? How to find it? And which details are really important?

How to start wedding arrangements, after you say “yes” to your loved one?

The first and most important part of wedding arrangements is preparing a guest list. Excel is very helpful at this stage. If you put all the names in an Excel table, the list can be used for printing invitations and place cards later. My table looked like this: number, name, surname, Was a person informed? Was the person’s arrival confirmed? Accommodation? After having the list done, you apply formulas to categorize guests. You can for example make a list of guests that need accommodation, or haven’t confirmed arrival yet.

When the list is ready, it’s time to pick the venue. First of all we need to think how we want our wedding to look like. It helps to find a perfect place faster.

How to pick a wedding venue and which details are most important?

Proposition No. 1 – elegant reception in a wedding hall

First piece of advice – book the venue as soon as possible. Especially when you have a specific place on your mind, like your favourite restaurant or a popular wedding hall. If you decide to go with the idea of an elegant reception, check what kinds of venues are there in your neighborhood. There are plenty of restaurants, wedding houses and hotels that specialize in organizing elegant receptions. This kind of places usually have their own food and beverage facilities and quite often offer a special wedding menu (of course to discuss it with the two of you) and experienced service. So you don’t have to worry about the catering. Surely this option is quite expensive but it helps you to avoid all kinds of possible failures. It’s also convenient when your guests are from different places. Not only hotels, but more and more wedding venues, offer accommodation for guests. Some venues include in the price decorating wedding hall, as well as newlyweds’ accommodation and sometimes a wedding cake (for example if there are over 100 guests). Having a wedding reception in such a venue is a very convenient solution.

wedding venue ideas wedding-venue-ideas wedding-venue-ideas

Proposition No. 2 – rustic wedding outside the city

Rustic wedding idea is getting more and more popular among the couples around the world. In Poland this trend is just beginning to spread. The most important in organizing a rustic wedding is choosing a right place. Polish lakes and woods are perfect for that. There are wedding venues, orangeries, tents, sheds or even barns where you can have your wedding reception organized. The best solution is a combination of a barn with beautiful (preferably covered) yard, where you can have a barbecue or a bonfire for your guests. There are more and more rustic style venues on a map of Poland. You can find cute farms and magnificent array of barns. Having a wedding in such a place makes you feel easy and relaxed. Another great thing is that you get to do your own decorations. When it comes to that, sky is the limit. Often places in rural areas have really nice regional cuisine and local products. It’s quite different from typical wedding venues with a standard catering.

what-is-the-best-place-to-organize-a-wedding what-is-the-best-place-to-organize-a-wedding rustic-wedding-how-to-organize rustic-wedding-how-to-organize

Proposition No. 3 – outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding is something we see often in American movies… but they become more and more popular in Poland. Having an outdoor wedding gives you almost unlimited possibilities. You can create everything from scratch – starting with decorations, ending with a catering. If you decide on an outdoor wedding, try to find a venue with a tent. So in case of bad weather you can move the reception inside. There are also professional companies that build special tents with wooden floor and elegant chandeliers. They can put special heaters to keep your guests warm even during the night. When organizing an outdoor wedding, you need to keep in mind that weather might change. Probably that’s why it’s still not so common in Poland. No bride wants like to look like a drowned rat on a wedding day ;). And even though having a beautiful wedding outside is quite tempting, they are risky as well. This proposition is for bold and spontaneous couples.

tips-for-choosing-perfect-wedding-venue-place outdoor-wedding-how-to-organizetips-for-choosing-perfect-wedding-venue-place outdoor-wedding-how-to-organize

Proposition No. 4 – exclusive wedding abroad

If there are no places interesting enough in your home country, and you have some savings, maybe it’s time to consider a wedding abroad? It’s an exclusive option because the cost of organizing a wedding abroad is quite high. Two most popular countries to have a wedding are Cyprus and Italy. If you decide on one of those you have a guarantee of a friendly atmosphere and excellent cuisine. But most important is that you don’t have to worry about the weather! :). This is a proposition for couples who like relaxing by the pool, but also for those who like sightseeing and discovering new places and cultures.

outdoor-wedding-how-to-plan tips-for-choosing-perfect-wedding-venue-place wedding-venue-best-ideas wedding-venue-best-ideas

My wedding choice is a combination of propositions numbers 1 and 3. It is going to be an elegant reception with outdoor elements. My wedding venue is a tent attached to the restaurant building (so it is like a solid floor with a tent). When the weather is nice you can open some parts of each side and have your wedding reception in the garden. When it’s cold, sides stay on the place. What’s more, in the winter you can have a heater put inside the tent.

Let me know, in the comments below, which proposition suits you most… Or maybe you are already married… where did you have your wedding reception?

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