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Which wedding theme to choose? On which leading motif to decide? Should it be a color, a symbol, or a favorite flower? What to look for when choosing a theme?

You’ve got a place chosen, and now what?

Another important step is choosing the theme of your wedding. This is undoubtedly one of the decisions you should make before you start all the preparations. To help you make this choice, I’ll present you some tips.

Tip No. 1

First of all you have to think about what style of wedding you’re planning – elegant, rather casual, rustic, romantic, or, for example, extravagant? First of all, you need to define a general outline of the event and then see if your dreams and plans can be realized.

Tip No. 2

Season. It is possible to organize a wedding in the winter or early spring, but the choice of season is associated with the availability and price of flowers, fruit or regional products. This is very important. For example, if you dream of Provence and ubiquitous lavender as a wedding theme, it will be difficult to realize this in May (lavender blooms from mid-June to September). It is important to check which flowers and fruits are available during the month of your event. Seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables can be a great motif!

Tip No. 3

A specific motif, or maybe a leading color? At this point one begins to think … The motif can be: flower, fruit, favorite superhero, a specific film, song, beloved place. In other words, anything you want! Color can also be the theme. And choosing a color theme is probably the easiest.

There are several ways to choose the color of your wedding:

You choose your favorite colors – preferably two

You choose one color and you work with different shades of it

You choose three colors that work together perfectly (usually in a color palette they’re next to each other)

You choose two contrasting colors

You shouldn’t exaggerate the amount of different color – two, three is enough, otherwise you’ll have a rainbow theme.

Tip No. 4

Having already chosen the theme of the wedding, you should take care of the attractions that will be consistent with it. Not everything will suit the style of the event. For example for a Provence-style wedding, you will not invite stilt walkers or flamenco dancers. A rustic style wedding with a dj would also look quite funny. In this case, the moderation is the key, because sometimes the less the better.

Tip No. 5

Once again, the less the better. You have to be very careful with the theme you choose. When you exaggerate with the number of butterflies in the banquet hall (theme: nature) you can be sure that your guests will get a headache. The theme is perfect for wedding stationery (invitations, table cards, posters, menu, guestbook and so on), table decorations, bridal bouquets and even… her shoes.

And here are examples of wedding themes:

Color: mint and gold

wedding theme how to choose

Color: black and gold


Climate: moroccan


Color: pale pink and black


Color: emerald, gold and white


Pattern: stripes


Pattern: peacock feathers


Color: navy, green and white


Climate: sailor


Color: white and gold


Color: tiffany blue


Color: pale pink and green


Pattern: dots


Color: mint, red and beige


Color: mint, black and gold


Climate: vintage


Climate: rustic


Color: caramel


Climate: provencal


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