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Every year it’s the same. The days are getting longer, it’s getting warmer and finally – the summer is here. Time to rest, relax and have some fun. You want to plan your vacation, but suddenly there are so many problems. You wish to see so many places, but you start convincing yourself that maybe it can wait. Maybe next year. You dream of so many things, but do nothing to actually fulfill your dreams. Listen to me: the time to live your summer holiday is now! Here you can find a list of things to do during summer holidays.

things to do during the summer holidays -things-to-do-during-the-summer-holidays

1. Go to the beach.

If you live in Poland, getting to the Baltic Sea is one day tops. Get into a bus or get an inexpensive ticket for a couchette in a night train. See the Baltic Sea and feel the sand under your feet this summer. There are so beautiful warm sandy beaches on the Baltic Sea shore. Spend a weekend at the seaside. Or at least one evening.

2. Sit in the deckchair.

Don’t spend a sunny day sitting in front of your computer. Get a deckchair and go to the garden or at least some lawn in the city. Deckchairs are not very expensive, but if you are really short of money – take a blanket and do the same.


3. Eat fresh fruit.

Summer is the time of strawberries, raspberries and cherries. You can get seasonal fruits for reasonable money. And as the name “seasonal fruit” suggests you should eat them during the season (if you don’t eat fruit in the summer, you won’t eat them in the winter). Fruits are vitamin-rich food. And they are so delicious. :)


4. Read a good book.

People read less and less nowadays. Reading can help you relax, improve your imagination, forget your problems for a while. There are some great books that might even change your life. And that’s a kind you should read on your holiday.

-ways-to-make-the-most-of-your-summer-vacation -ways-to-make-the-most-of-your-summer-vacation

5. Call your parents and grandparents.

You should stay in touch with your parents. Relationships need constant care and attention not to wither. But usually we are so busy that we don’t have time for anything. Try getting in touch with your family during your summer holiday.


6. Hang out with your friends.

Hanging out with your friends is always a good idea. No one likes to be alone. You need to spend time with your friends – laugh with them, drink some good wine. It will make you happy.

7. Walk around a city.

„Flaneur” is such a French way to spend your time. Explore the city, watch other people, wander aimlessly. Get to know small corners and rediscover your city.

-free-things-to-do-during-summer -how-to-have-fun-in-summer-holiday

8. Outdoor sports.

Put on your roller skates, grab a ball or your badminton rackets – the choice is up to you. Find a clearing in the forest or some place in the city where you can play volleyball or a basketball with someone. If you prefer to do something alone, go running to the forest. Boost your endorphins.

9. Go dancing.

Summer is a party time. There are plenty of outdoor concerts and other music events. Even when you have nothing going on near your place, you can always open a window, play your favorite song and dance barefoot. Let yourself be too loud for a minute.


10. Travel.

Go for a trip, even if just for one weekend. If you really can’t go anywhere this year, start planning your next year’s vacation. Plan everything: make a to do list, start saving money, find economy plane tickets online. You worry about a place to sleep? Host someone in your place and revisit next year. Google “couchsurfing”.

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