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In today’s post from the cycle of how to distinguish fake from the original, I wanted to introduce you to the bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

It occurs in three sizes: PM (28 to 22 to 13 cm), MM (32 to 29 per 16 cm), GM (39 32 20 cm). Recently it began to be produced in different colors (yellow, purple, red, green, etc.). However, the most classic and at the same time most popular models are Damier (grid in shades of brown and beige) and Monogram (with LV logo).

louis vuitton neverfull how to spot a fake

Probably not everyone knows that in the Louis Vuitton stores you can check the authenticity of the bag. It lasts only few days.

If you do not have the possibility to buy bag in the official store and planing to buy neverfull through the Internet, I invite you to read my article: how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.

1. Pay attention to the product description. Very often I’ve seen on the Internet auctions which name was slightly twisted, for example Luis Vuitton or Louis Vuiton. After receiving such a fake, the seller could for example write to you that in the auction there was not written Louis Vuitton, but quite another name… and that’s why bag is not original.

2. Elements of leather bags (handles, pullers and finish at the top) darken and gain a very distinctive honey color. So if you buy used bag and handles are very bright, it means that either someone was not wearing that bag – which is unlikely, or you are just dealing with a fake.

3. Leather element to which pullers are attached. Below on the right there are photos of original bags and on the left  – fakes. In the original bag golden circle with the words Louis Vuitton does not overlap the groove in the skin (surrounding the element), it is perfectly symmetrical. In addition, both the bag with elements of dark and light skin, this small piece of leather must have a recess at the edges. Look at the picture of the dark bag on the left, it is completely flat (fake).


4. Ending of the puller strap. On the left photos of the fakes and on the right photos of originals. In the original bags the edge of the leather element has grooves in the skin, and in the counterfeit bag very often that element is flat. (such as in the picture of a brown element on the left).


5. Inside the bag, there is strap that can be used to fasten the bag. In the original bag seam on the leather strap is further away from the end (about 2 cm), the counterfeit it is a distance of about 1 cm. In addition, the counterfeit handbag closing metal element is not perfectly closed. In the original metal element is perfectly closed. At the fake left, at the right side original bag.


6. Leather element on which there is a stamped text: Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France is away from the rectangle with the inscription Articles de voyage of less than a centimeter (in the fake bag), in the original bag distance is just over 2 cm. On the left photo examples of fakes and on the right original bags.


7. Leather element with the words Louis Vuitton in the middle of the bag must be perfectly stamped. In some fakes inscription is not embossed and it’s only printed (example on the picture below, at the bottom left photo) in some fakes the inscription is stamped (as the picture on the left, at the top) and then it is really hard to identify. In the original purse letters are little narrower, but it is so subtle difference, that if you are not sure, it is better to identify with the other examples that I gave you above.


I hope that now you won’t have any problems with buying by the internet the original Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag and without any hesitation you will know how to spot the fake.

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