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I’ve never been good at postponing tasks… Some time ago Cyryl and I pre-ordered concert tickets. We had to wait for them some time but the minute I found out they are ready to pick them up, I decided we had to go right away. I was so excited I couldn’t sit still. You know I’ve always been hot blooded. So I don’t know much about postponing tasks. But I do know how to stop postponing.

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1. Do your hardest task first.

Sometimes there just so many things to do, we get nauseous just thinking about it. Start with the hardest, the most tiring and difficult task. Things get much easier when you get over the hump.

2. Not too much at once.

Divide your work. Maybe you don’t have to do it all at once. And maybe you can divide your work into stages. Be smart!

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3. What’s next?

Think of what would happen if you don’t do everything you are supposed to. Reprimand at work, difficult conversation with your client… and at the end of the day you would have to do it anyway. Except there will be less time later. Thinking of all the consequences as a motivator? Sounds harsh? Yes, but it works! :D

4. Reward yourself.

There was a stick, now it’s time for a carrot. When you are dealing with your tasks, remember to reward yourself from time to time. For each task completed or some progress in your work, celebrate a small victory of yours. 3 pages of text – one episode of your favourite TV series; cleaned kitchen – 15 minutes on Instagram.

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5. Focus.

When I was a student during my exams I was the most creative and busy person. I was ironing, cleaning the room, catching up on my favourite TV series, taking photos. There was just one thing I couldn’t force myself to start – learning for my exams. Probably everyone knows how it works. You need to focus on your task and eliminate all distractions to get your job done.


6. Victory ahead of you.

Everything eventually comes to an end. If you don’t postpone your tasks but do it right away – you will have it done. So simple and difficult at the same time. Think of what’s ahead of you after you do everything that needs to be done. It’s like ripping the band-aid off. A second of fear and it’s done.

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7. Build habits.

In a long run the most effective way not to postpone things for later is to get in the habit of doing it now. Change “later” for “now” And do it now, not later.



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