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Wedding dress – how to find a perfect one, and which details are important? What are the basic kinds of wedding dresses? When should you start looking for your wedding dress?

How to choose a perfect wedding dress? Finding one might seem as an easy thing to do, but it’s not. But definitely it is fun. Dress is either pretty or not – often our future husband think it is as simple as that. But in reality it is much more complex and complicated. Each bride wants to feel special on the wedding day, so she needs a dress that’s 100% perfect.

how to find a perfect wedding dress

There are some tips that will help you find a perfect wedding dress:

1. The sooner, the better

It is best to start around 8 months before the wedding. You should know that order time limits are 2 to even 8 months (in case you for example order lace gown handmade in Spain). Time limits are also dependent on the number of orders on collections. Around 3 weeks before the wedding you have a final fitting when last alternations like adjusting the length to your wedding shoes are made. Remember the busiest wedding season starts in March and lasts till October.

2. Colour. White, ecru or pink (like Jessica Biel’s – Justin Tiberlake wife ;) )?

The first step when choosing your dress is choosing the right colour. The obvious choice is white. But what if your color skin doesn’t look good with any shade of white? All brides-to-be should find a colour they look and feel good in: ecru, gold, pink… Today even wearing black one is acceptable. So the most important is that your skin looks fresh and beautiful in the colour you choose. That’s all that matter. You look good in pink? Okay, go with pink!


3. A perfect shape

Wedding dress style depends entirely on your body shape. Finding a right style is even more important than a colour. A perfect dress is the one flatters you. To make it easier to choose a right dress, you should learn what types are there:

A-line – (also called upside down “V”) Fitted bodice, skirt starts at waist and flares out gradually. It is currently the most popular dress style.

Empire – High-waisted, fitted bodice that ends just below the bust, skirt flares out.

Mermaid/Fish – Gown fitted to below the hips, flared at the ankle height, perfect for slender figure.

Princess – This wedding gown style resembles secession style. Short, slim cut bodice with a skirt starting at the waist height with many layers of tulle.

Sheath – dress straight at the whole length. Perfect for slim brides. Usually it’s one layer, fit to the body, you wear it without a slip.


4. Try on, choose, judge.

Sometimes a bride-to-be needs to try dozens of dresses to find a perfect one. The best way to find your perfect wedding dress is visiting few bridal salons, compare dresses and prices. Remember that a dress on the photo you find online might look different when you try it on. That’s why it is so important to find a bridal salon where experts can help you to choose a perfect cut.

You can also try ordering your dress online. It might be cheaper than going to the store, but it’s most likely it wouldn’t fit perfectly and your dress would need some alterations. Not to mention that wondering whether it would fit at all might be stressful.

5. Don’t forget about the groom.

All future brides need to take into consideration the groom – the colour of the suit, groom’s height, weight and complexion type. Bride’s and groom’s outfits should complement each other to make a perfect composition. (For example if the groom is slim, and the bride is curvy, she shouldn’t wear princess style dress).

6. Wedding dress and wedding theme.

Before you buy a wedding dress, think of what kind of wedding you’re planning. The more formal is the wedding the more formal and elegant your dress should be. If you decide on a rustic wedding, boho dress would be perfect – light and a bit romantic. Remember also about the time of the year you have your wedding. Weather can be tricky and a long sleeve dress made of thick fabric wouldn’t be good for the summer.


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