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Don’t you have an idea for a wedding cake? You can’t decide whether to choose traditional wedding cake or, for example, a cupcake cake? In today’s post I will present you various types of wedding cakes. I hope this set will help you choose.

Every wedding is long hours of planning and preparation. You need to remember that a lot of elements have to match each other. Starting with finding a right place for a wedding reception and ending with wedding cake which we will be served to our guests. There are plenty interesting cake ideas. It all depends on your imagination and the theme you choose for a wedding reception. And your budget of course…

Let’s start with the most classic and elegant cakes. Simple, usually round cake decorated with whipped cream (in fancy pattern) or marzipan mass. To introduce something extra to traditional colour you can add an ornate flower or an extremely stylish lace pattern. As for the taste, we can allow ourselves to spoil the palate. Under the classic layer the most original and refined flavors such as exotic fruit or lavender can be hidden.

wedding cake ideas

For lovers of the vintage style, there are also plenty of interesting ideas. Vintage cakes are characterized by rich decoration, made of both fruit and flowers. In this case, this is not the perfect icing that counts. We can allow the mass to flow freely on the edges and serve is on a wood slice. When choosing this type of cake, it usually goes with the most classic taste, with the fruits as the decoration.


Modern style cakes are first of all a “feast for the eyes”. Here is an interesting idea that matches the theme of the wedding is most important. Of course, equally important is to make the cake that taste as good as it looks – but that is the task for our pastry chef.

wedding-cake-ideas-inspirations wedding-cake-decorating-ideas

Another idea is a cake made of small cupcakes. On top of it there is a small cake, for slicing by a young couple, and below a few layers of small cupcakes. They can be classic cupcakes or mini pavlovas, perfect for serving and super delicious.


An interesting idea for those who prefer a traditional style are wedding cake toppers, small models to put on the top of the cake. They may be models of newlyweds, slogans placed on small flags or cut from paper. This type of detail is very elegant and subtle. Thanks to that, it will be perfect for all, rustic, modern or classical wedding.


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