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School can be quite challenging. Your parents tell you to learn, okay that’s normal. But we all know it’s not books and tests that make it all so hard. Each of us have wanted to be this beauty with pretty, long hair walking with self-confidence on the school corridor. To be a girlfriend of the guy from a team and wear his jacket. Each of us have wanted to be popular. Each of us have wanted to be a star.

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How to be a popular girl?

It all starts at school. I wish I could write that the most important, when you are a teenager, is to be yourself, no matter what other people think. If I were a psychologist, a coach or a teacher, that forgot how it is like to be a teenager, I would probably tell you all that stuff. But I am not and I remember how it is like to be an underage. It was not so long ago. If I introduced all of those “correct” advice back then, I would not have gotten as far as I did. ;)

Some things seem so important when you are a teenager, but then it gets less and less important with age. People become more, so to say, soft. At a certain age we are not so ruthless anymore. Even though still, just like in school time, we are judging others and look up to cool ones. What can you do to gain popularity?


1. Appearance.

They say that looks don’t matter. For sure, it is not the most important thing. But remember, people judge you and make an opinion about you during first few seconds of a meeting. They look at you from top to toe. There are certain canons of beauty. If you want to be popular in a group, work on your appearance. I don’t mean you have to buy expensive clothes and shoes. When you don’t have tons of money, you can use your creativity instead. Take a look on what’s on fashion blogs (hey, that’s what you are doing right now ;) ) and see how to be stylish without spending a lot of money.

2. Self-confidence.

You should look like you know exactly what you want in life. Even better to actually know it. Work on yourself. There are many ways of overcoming shyness, you can get some tips in this post -> how to overcome shyness.


3. Go out.

If you want to be admired by other people, be around other people. Don’t avoid the company, get involved, don’t be afraid of public speeches. Go to the parties and when you are already there don’t be a wallflower.

4. Internet.

Social media are very important now. Whether we want it or not, we have a second life online. So be aware of what you post and how photos you take look like. If you can’t take a nice photo, look for the tips online . ;) Or just wait till Sunday… There will be a post on my blog about it! ;)

5. Personality.

To be a likable person you need to show your personality. Have something to say, don’t be afraid to say “no” or argue. Let yourself be a creative person.


6. Let other like you.

It is hard to be popular when you are not a nice person. The art of conversation, avoiding blunders. Think of all those things I wrote about.


7. Desperate.

Don’t be so desperate. Under no circumstances you can not become this sneaky girl doing everything to be a part of a popular girls group. If you behave like a crazy one, everyone will think that you are in fact crazy. Just chill. ;)


All of my other coaching guides can be found in the bookmark labelled Secret. :)


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