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I know I am in my element when I’m surrounded by people. I love spending time with my friends, when we are laughing and joking together. I’ve never really thought if people like me. There are always some people around me, this is something natural for me. Cyryl used to joke that it is my only talent. I am not good at cooking, don’t know much about history and politics but I do know how to talk to people. “It’s your gift” – he used to say.

how to be a likable person

When I was talking with Cyryl I realized that there are some of my character traits that make other people want to hang out with me. I also understood one important thing – each of us have a special talent for something. One person can sing, the other is good at driving. Not everyone can be Picasso. Grand Slam is also not for everyone. But if you work a little you can learn drawing and playing tennis. Just as much as getting other people to like you is learnable.

how-to-be-a-likeable-person how-to-be-likeable how-to-be-likeable

1. Why nobody likes me?

There is no simple answer for that. To get people to like you, you need to think for a minute why they don’t. You probably have some ideas right now. Make sure they are right. People don’t like the others because of what they own, because they have money, nice clothes and great car. No, people like other people when they feel good in their company. They like people they can talk to, that make them laugh, that can listen. They like people who are nice to hang out with. They like people they can always count on.

2. What can I do in order to get people to like me?

Ask yourself: what do you like in other people? What don’t you like and what do you find annoying? As the proverb says: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. It is so true. If you don’t like when someone keeps asking you about something you don’t want to talk about – don’t to the same. Stop asking when you see that someone feels uncomfortable. If your friend is having a hard time finding a boyfriend, stop asking: “Why are you still single?”. Be more sensitive and empathetic. Be aware of the feelings and emotions of other people.

how-to-be-more-likeable-in-school-in-work how-to-be-more-likeable-in-school-in-work

3. Like yourself.

Self-acceptance is really important. Don’t take yourself too serious. Don’t worry about a criticism. Be a cheerful person, attract more positive emotion. Smile more. People tend to like positive people. Be more of a Tigger and less of a Eeyore. ;)

4. It is better to have friends than to be always right.

No one likes people who are always right and tell the others what to do. You don’t have to accept every choice your friends make but it is really no use to point out every mistake they make. If someone is asking for your advice, speak your mind. There is no need to convince everyone that you are always right – when it comes to weather, shoes or some TV series. It’s just a chat not a war. Chill out;).


5. Be even more likable!

No one likes people who are too perfect. They simply make us feel bad about ourselves. If you want to be a likeable person you need to make sure other people feel comfortable around you. Don’t be afraid to talk about your flaws. Let the others laugh about it. But make sure it is not only you talking all the time about your problems. Let other people talk too, and of course listen to them. Try to understand. Don’t give a lecture. Try seeing through another’s eyes. Share compliments and praise. Everyone likes to hear something nice from time to time.

6. Be genuine.

Being genuine is not about “kissing up”. If you don’t agree with a statement someone else has makes you can admit to have a different opinion. Being genuine and honest is essential to being likeable. No one likes a fake.


7. Being a likeable person is easier than you think!

It means being happy, cheerful person. It means you are there for the others and listen to them. Being likeable person means not arguing about small things. It is also being aware of the feelings and emotions of other people. Being likeable person means living a life of peace and joy. Finally being likeable person means you will never be alone… :)

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