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Today I would like to present you some ideas for a thanksgiving for the parents of the newlyweds. At the beginning, it is worth thinking about what we want exactly we are grateful for, so the thanks come straight from your heart. So that’s not just another point of the wedding program that can be marked as done. In addition to the thank you speech, more and more young couples give their parents a symbolic gift. A few examples are described below in the post.

Here are some suggestions:

One of the most interesting ideas for a gift for parents is the photo album with beautiful photos of the newlyweds that will be a memento for many years to come. In the album you can also leave some blank pages, which parents themselves will be able to supplement with, for example, photos from the wedding.

This symbolic gift is a perfect complement to thank you speeches. This is a universal gift that is always a good idea.

thanking your parents at the wedding

This is a rather expensive gift, but usually the parents of the bride and groom put a lot of energy and money into the wedding organization. ;) Thanksgiving to parents during the wedding does not have to be limited to small gestures or gifts. Couples who have a bigger wedding budget can afford to sponsor their parents as a gift, spending a wonderful time at a spa where they will have the opportunity to relax during a massage.


Interesting gift proposition for romantic parents, which is becoming more and more popular. At the wedding reception you can invite all guests to watch a film containing your personal thanks.

During the wedding reception, newlyweds are often unable to express how grateful they are to their parents. The perfect solution to this problem is inviting your parents to an intimate dinner in an elegant restaurant. Dinner with parents can be organized in a similar fashion to the wedding where the newlyweds and their parents will have the opportunity to talk about the events of the wedding ceremony and reception.


This is a proposal for couples who prefer standard gifts. Such gifts are always useful to parents and they will definitely make parents smile. Besides, who if not the children know about recently broken iron… or, for example, mom dreams of a new jewelry.

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