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You are not into a typical bachelorette party like drinking and dancing all night in the club and watching Mr Stripper performance? If that doesn’t sound like you, I’ve got some alternative ideas for this special night. Treat them as an inspiration, not rigid party structures. Soon enough I’ll have my own bachelorette party, but in my case it’s going to be a surprise.

1 Bachelorette party styles.

There are so many ways you can celebrate your bachelorette party, just like your wedding. The only limit is your imagination.

There are some examples of bachelorette party styles / hen party themes:

“Tea party” with English, elegant style as a leading motif. It’s for brides-to-be who don’t really like all night parties.

hen party ideas

“Boudoir party” – femininity and sex appeal. Laces, tulle, pastel colours are leading motifs for boudoir style party.


“Modern kitchen” is a cooking party in a modern and funny style. Muffins, cookies and stylish decorations.


Paris, Paris… Parisian style party. Champagne, macarons are must haves on this party!



That’s an idea for those who prefer to relax instead of getting tired. All the treatments, massages, cosmetics as well as spending time in the pool, under water whips and in jacuzzi it’s a blessing for the bride-to-be and her friends. Instead of going to the real spa, you can have a spa day or spa weekend at home. And when you are all relaxed and beautiful you can go to the club and dance all night long.


3 Cruise, boat trip or party on a ferry

That’s the idea for those who like water and the sound of waves. In the city you can organize a party on a rented boat or a barge docked or floating on the river. Outside the city you can get on a sailing or a rowing boat or even a motorboat. Just remember to check out the weather first. When it’s going to be cold, remember about your friends’ thermal comfort. And to avoid some unpleasant situation make sure that none of your friends is afraid of water and that all of them can swim. ;)

4 What girls like the most – shopping!

Another idea that’s great for, probably, all brides-to-be is shopping in a mall or more and more popular second hands. You can think of having some tasks during shopping, like for example complete the outfit for the wedding night for 10 PLN or less. Shopping is a good idea for a small group where all the girls know each other. It would be even better if you go for dinner or party afterwards.


5 Trip

Bachelorette party trips are getting more and more popular. You can go for the weekend by the sea or lake or you can go camping. You can relax, have a bonfire, go hiking or sightseeing or maybe party in a local club. For more extreme girls you can try bungee jumping or skydiving, hot air balloon flight, quads or go-cards or a ropes course. But if you prefer to keep things low key visit a chocolate factory or a soap or perfume manufacture.


6 Photo shoot

That’s for girls who have always wanted to be models. You can hire a person to do your make-up, a stylist and a photographer. Organise a photo shoot to make beautiful and special pictures. You can frame them or put in a beautiful photo album and give it to the bride on the wedding day.

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