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One problem that will surely arise when making wedding arrangements is alcohol. How much vodka, how much wine… After all, one of the most important things when planning a wedding reception is making sure that there is enough alcohol. But on the other hand, throwing a wedding is quite expensive and there is no point buying too much alcohol, that would lay in your basement for years.


Before my wedding I tried to figure it all out. The only tip I found online was to have a 0,5 l of vodka per person. I modified it a little and came up with a formula:

(number of guests x 0,5 l) minus guests who don’t drink vodka.

In our case it worked 100 per cent. I mean, we did have like 10 bottles left, but I guess that’s alright! :) I have friends who had 50 or 70 bottles of vodka left after their wedding…

When it comes to wine the calculation were a little bit more difficult. We decided on a dry white wine, dry red wine and semi-sweet white wine. We bought wine without any calculation only basic on our hunch, but the formula that reflects how many bottles our guests have actually drunk:
– dry white wine: number of guests divided by 7 = number of bottles
– dry red wine: number of guests divided by 12 = number of bottles
– semi-sweet wine – or guests emptied just one bottle, so I guess it’s better not to buy any.

Our main goal on the wedding reception was to have the party started as soon as possible. So before the dinner started there were bottles of vodka already on a table. And during the dinner there were 4 toasts – and they were ones you can’t really skip. ;) Like for example for the newlyweds, for their parents, for guests. So after our first dance, all the guests hit the dancefloor.

how much alcohol for a wedding

One important thing to remember! If you bring your own alcohol to the restaurant, make sure the restaurant can provide you with some alcohol if your’s run out. Than you can be sure everything will be just fine.

Hope you find my tips useful and won’t have any problems calculating how much alcohol you need for your wedding. Maybe you have some experience on the subject? If so, share in the comments below.

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